The Awakening

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The Awakening

advair diskus cost forecast THERE IS A FERVENT NEED AWAKENING NOW IN HUMANS AROUND THE WORLD TO BE ABLE TO SEE, FEEL, HEAR, AND COMMUNICATE WITH ALL ASPECTS OF NATURE, VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE. Deliciously, Nature feels the same way about forming relationship with YOU! But where to start? Here, simplicity is KEY. What aspects of Nature in particular make YOUR heart soar? NOT someone else’s idea, not what you’ve read/heard regarding how one must go about it for it to happen, not more books/classes before you believe you are ready (although, if strongly drawn, by all means read/take them!) YOU ARE READY RIGHT NOW, and so is NATURE. So, AGAIN, what specifically in Nature makes YOU feel joyous/peaceful/blissful/sensual/at home. REMEMBER: PASSION is the language of your SOUL. . . so it is vital to pay attention and trust YOUR OWN INSTINCTS about what aspects of Nature are calling YOU to THEM. This. Is. Personal. In my next posting we’ll have more information about following the call, but for this one, please take a moment and remember WHAT CALLS YOU, and, to help everyone wake up more to that, post it below to begin building the energy on the page. . .

aldara cream cost еnhance For me, there are many aspects–but OCEAN has called me to her my entire life!


  1. govern Ocean has always called to me. I’m happiest when I can see and hear her.

  2. la rencontre d'ulysse et les sirènes On~ What Calls Us… It stirs, It moans calling our names. It presses at our edge, and it hurts. An impeccable wish. An anguish to say true, to move true, to Be true to The Song. Oh, how we wish to rest, to end this heartfelt struggle. Oh, to be gently held within the warm currents of The One Great Song. This wisdom lost, knows of us, calls to us, dreams of us, and sacrifices for us. It is of us, and we of it! It is time… less.