Sneak Peek at “Faery-led: The Invisible Kingdoms as Evolutionary Allies” – due late Fall 2015

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Sneak Peek at “Faery-led: The Invisible Kingdoms as Evolutionary Allies” – due late Fall 2015


Creeksong is excited to announce that her new book “Faery-led: The Invisible Kingdoms as Evolutionary Allies” will be released in late Fall 2015. Here are some selected excerpts:


“Since before the white man came!” bellowed the answer, nearly knocking me over in surprise. Over the course of several days I had been instructed by a bevy of Nature Beings on the opening of a long-dry spring, from deep inside a petrified stump–it’s talon-like roots entwined amongst boulders, and the back of it buried in creek-bank. It was amazing enough to have visions given to me, visions that I had to trust over any queasiness. To lie on one’s belly on a dry, pebbled stream-bed and bury arm up to shoulder under a stump in timber rattler territory does give one pause!

But now, having followed all instructions to the letter, and feeling full with the joy of assisting the sweet spring to be again flowing out from between two of the petrified stump’s stone-hard roots–the curiousity over how old this stump was, and when it had last stood as living tree with spring erupting up from beneath it, rose as a strong visual question in my mind. But certainly with no expectation that it would be answered!


One evening, only minutes into class, a HUGE White Tiger strolled regally across the room, haunches pumping. Three dimensionally visible and ‘see-through’ to only myself and the lady seated to my left, the remainder of the students could “feel” it’s presence. As the Tiger neared a woman sitting at the far right-end of the couch across from me, the Tiger Spirit spun around and sat Herself also, guardian-like, right beside the woman.

Seconds later, the woman the White Tiger Spirit was guarding placed her hand on the middle of her chest, and, looking a bit fearful, announced that she was experiencing sharp physical pain in her lungs.

As I asked for guidance to assist the woman, the Tiger Herself responded by standing up and unfurling Her immense body with long tail away from the couch, her rear-end going right through the face of the lady seated beside me! I could not help but to wonder if she was aware. Next, She buried Her head and open jaws right through the woman’s chest–with the woman (who had no conscious understanding of what was happening) pressing back into the couch as it happened, and the Tiger’s head and open jaws disappearing momentarily from my view. Then, the White Tiger Healing Spirit pulled out, looked over her haunches at me, and sent this telepathic thought:

“Ask permission of her that I might eat her pain.”

Thankfully, although I’d yet to experience the White Tiger Healing Spirit in such a dramatic and potent way, She was not completely unfamiliar to me. Study and daily practice of the most ancient of forms, “5 Animals Qigong,” had acquainted me with White Tiger–who helps with depression and grief in the lungs, among other things–and I had been intentionally invoking all the Animal Spirits of the 5 Elements during my practice.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how profoundly and powerfully shamanic and ancient a relationship I was re-developing!

I began telepathing to the White Tiger: “If I use those words I’ll scare her even more” but the Tiger interrupted my flow of word/thoughts right in the middle, overlaying them with the vision of a mother cat tenderly eating afterbirth from her newborn kittens.


I spoke the Tiger’s words and visions out loud to the student, who must have immediately given telepathic permission, as a gentle smile pulled at her lips when the Tiger’s head and open jaws buried back into her chest once more. Mere moments later, as the Tiger backed away, turned and strode from the room, the student’s mouth and eyes popped wide.

“The pain!” she exclaimed, with some awe, “It’s gone!”

Afterwards, the excited students chatted amongst themselves on the way to their cars. The woman who had been seated on my left waited for them to all be out of earshot, then approached me with just one very animated sentence:

“That Tiger’s BUTT was in my FACE!”

Months later, I would meet up again with the lady, a college teacher, whom the Tiger had done healing work on. “There’s something you need to know,” she said, with much portent, “on that night, a depression I’d had for YEARS disappeared. It wasn’t due only to that, I’d been working hard on healing the issue. But since that night. . . it’s simply GONE.”

Faery-Led cover

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