Redefining Joy with the help of Nature Consciousness

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Redefining Joy with the help of Nature Consciousness TRY THIS: Close your eyes and recall moments in your life where you were FILLED with joy, and pause yourself DEEPLY in EACH of those memories, one after another. . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
. . . . . closing my eyes, I see my 11-year-old hands placing old-fashioned, shiny tinsel on our Christmas tree–I am by myself as I do this. The SCENT of the tree wraps ALL around me, embracing me with it’s HEAVENLY fragrance! ONLY the tree is LIT UP: I’ve turned the lights off in the room so that I can SEE through the bay windows behind it towards the outdoor LANTERN POST. It’s just past DUSK, and SNOW is falling so heavily that the lantern’s light barely pierces through. A fat and fluffy grey KITTEN beneath the Christmas tree’s branches calls my attention back into the room and my tinsel-hanging, as it SLAPS at a well-placed bell, RINGING IT over and over. . . caught up in it’s play, OBLIVIOUS to my PRESENCE. The BRILLIANTLY COLORED lights bedecking the tree add extra SPARKLE to both the shiny bulb ornaments and this silvery metallic tinsel I am hanging on the PRICKLY TIPS of this evergreen: one. piece. at. a. time.

single wohnung klagenfurt NOW–go back into YOUR joyous memories and notice this: How many of your five senses were involved: TOUCH, TASTE, SCENT, SOUND, VISUAL? Your focus on each of THESE creates your JOY! IN THAT MOMENT you were only IN THAT MOMENT.

older girl dating a younger boy Nature Beings entreat us EVERYDAY to co-CREATE joy: SCENT from sunlight-warmed, dry pine needles, dewdrops HANGING on a spiderweb, a black ant pulling along an IMPOSSIBLY huge chunk of food, delicately CURLING TENDRILS of steam rising from your morning mug, clouds SUDDENLY part and MOONLIGHT POURS DOWN over a hillside, a creek chortles merrily along. . . splashing over, around and about Her tumbled rocks with sunshine GLINTING like DIAMONDS off Her waters!

mujer blanca soltera busca 2 wikipedia TAKE TIME TODAY (everyday!) to CO-create a FIVE SENSES connection with any aspect of NATURE that calls YOU to HER! (And, know THIS: exercising your five senses routinely both creates JOY AND calls in the CURIOUSITY (I love the Olde English spelling of this delicious, important word!) of many levels of ‘INVISIBLE’ as well as VISIBLE Nature BEINGS. They will start to RECOGNIZE and WATCH you with this very same CURIOUSITY that you are emanating, thus garnering the beginnings of TRUST to build lasting RELATIONSHIPS with their KINGDOMS. . .

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  1. partnervermittlungen thailУЄnderinnen Joy comes to me through music. There are songs that bring joyful memories of people and places. Lately since I have retired , I am able to listen more to nature’s song which has brought a new sense of joy in life.

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