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Getting Noticed by Nature

gta 4 frau kennenlernen Starting a relationship with Her and Her creatures both visible and invisible is remarkably similar to wooing a lover: pay attention to Her every day (not just when you find the time), have that attention flow from your HEART, not your brain (pour it out as FELT EMOTION, as true appreciation and thankfulness for how She graces your life, for how Her beauty has/does nourish you–not as thoughts about what you can get/take from Her).

take a look at the site here ALL Her creatures become curious when you do this, as most humans either hurry by (whether driving, walking, running) or help themselves (yank a weed, trim a bush) all their focus in their heads, like hamsters in a wheel. STOP when you catch yourself there. POUR all your attention on an aspect of Her that makes you catch your breath!!! (and if something hasn’t, you aren’t really looking!)


  1. You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst forth in song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands ~ Isaiah 55:12

  2. single frauen erfurt I had a visitor as I soaked in the bathtub last evening! I opened by eyes to notice a blue orb on the tub/shower wall in front of me. I said “What is that?” and immediately knew it was a Magical Visitor. She left then but when I closed my eyes again and then opened them she came back. I said ‘Hi” to her but she didn’t stay. I wondered silently the meaning of her visit but then knew she was there to remind me to focus in on Nature every day, something I was forgetting to do.

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