past life regression

check my reference “Creeksong is able to bring about a profound shift in your consciousness. You will be astonished to learn that she is able to guide your understanding of the regressed images you are seeing because she is watching the same movie you are! This ability is more than skill; it is Creeksong’s great gift, rare even for the most noted psychic leaders in this field.”
–Cynthia Murphy, M.A.

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Recommended Reading is a unique and highly experiential style of advanced present and past life regression work, during which the individual personally meets and assists their fragmented aspects: communicating with them, learning from them, teaching them, and ultimately merging present life aspects back into Self and assisting past life aspects through the tunnel and on to the Light–to merge back into Soul!

i loved this soulcoalescence cita casual toluca:

rencontre djerba • rapidly increases your intuitive skills
• heals residual energies from accidents, trauma, abuse, and hospitalizations
• reduces drama in your life
• explains and often fully heals phobias
• helps clarify your Soul’s Path
• enhances self-esteem and self-love
• grounds you more fully into the JOY of present moment