Spider Compassion

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Spider Compassion

http://blipsystems.com/mikluxa/192 While cleaning this morning, I inadvertently trapped a small and (admittedly!) very ugly, skeletal-like cobweb spider in my dust cloth. (Yes, it’s true that I actually adore most spiders, finding them and their spidery ways fascinating!) But the damage was done. This was clearly not a being who could fend for itself any longer.

go to these guys Common decency demanded that I help end it’s life as swiftly as possible.

http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/3331 In the momentary pause before sending it on to Light, I sensed it’s terror. In response, I telepathed an apology, flooding filles cherche emploi en algerie compassion around the tiny form, and bid it good-bye. . .

their website The moment the little one left form, a sweetness engulfed me, making me catch my breath in surprise!  Curious, I dipped into the dimension it had sprung from, coming face-to-face with the deva who tends this particular species of spider.

our website She felt my unasked question, and responded thusly: “You have taught this one the lessons of self-responsibility and COMPASSION, and its Soul is well-pleased.”

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  1. je cherche un mec riche Thank you for sharing this story !!

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