soul-tending sessions

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C reeksong began “walking between worlds” following a spontaneous kundalini opening (see blog, November, 2014) that awakened her abilities to feel, hear, see and communicate with other dimensions: most especially the realms of Nature Consciousness. Your intuitive skills will develop rapidly as a result of her sessions: through the energetic releasing and transmuting of long-caught emotional debris. Sessions are done in office, by phone, or on Skype.

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Essential Oil Bath Blends

Essential Oil Bath blends, guided by Nature Intelligence, pick up where Aromatherapy leaves off. These blends deeply cleanse your auric field, chakras, meridians and organ systems of stuck emotional debris: grounding you more fully into present moment and JOY as well as making you more interesting and visible to the Invisible Realms of Nature. An incredible tool for increasing your natural intuitive abilities.

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90 Minute Transformative Session

During this session you will be taken into a light trance by Nature Beings and led into one or more of the following experiences in accordance with your Soul’s guidance: a valtrex generic cost soulcoalescence regression (past or present life, or both), shamanic journeying, and/or streaming of direct communication/teachings from Nature Beings and/or other Beings of Light that are assisting you at this point on your evolutionary journey.

Real Estate, Property and Land Clearings

Whether you are an agent, a buyer, a current home owner or renter, deep property clearings are vital for releasing trauma from homes and land and reconnecting them peacefully to Nature. Benefits include: rapid turnover of stalled properties (typically within 3 months), reduction of plumbing/electrical/foundation problems, clearing out of uncomfortable energies from murders/suicides/domestic violence, etc., (whether current or historical) and much more. References available.