Water Element(als) = Frost Faeries

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images When I was a young girl, growing up in a 100-year-old farmhouse, I used to study the frost patterns on the tall glass windows of my bedroom.

Not just because of their outrageous beauty, although indeed they were that! But after spending much time observing their intricate and ever-changing needlework, a living language developed between myself and these delicate beings. I began to read the pattern of their lacy structure to such a degree that I could predict with certainty how the temperature either would or would not rise that day, or even whether or not the sun might be kept hostage by clouds throughout.

All of my clothing choices during cold season were based on this interaction with frost at sunrise, and they never failed me. Only years later would I recall that my mother’s horror at a tornado I’d accurately predicted, alongside the onset of the angst of puberty, had brought this fascinating relationship to a halt. . .

Frost coated my car’s windows, a thick filigree that would likely make me late for work in it’s clean-up. I cursed both it and the cold weather that produced it, as I scraped away like a mad woman. . .

Hopping into my chilly auto, having left as much of it on the windshield as I dared, I stopped in awe as sunlight broke through and embellished the now glinting lace with depth and color.

And remembered.

As someone who teaches folks to be in relationship with the Elements as well as to trust Divine Timing and the beings who harness it, it was a wake-up call in many ways! Blaming the Water Element for my inability to leave for work on time, and the drama I created by doing that, was only one.

Immediately I stepped back into that relationship. I recalled with LOVE all of the ways I find water exquisitely beautiful: babbling creek, a misty waterfall, snowflakes floating down like pirouetting ballerinas, the ocean foaming up to my bare feet, dewdrops clinging to every pine needle:

“Choooooo, Choo, Chooooooooooo,” I sang to the frost, filled with the LOVE of watery beauty I’d built about me. Recognizing this Ancient Sound calling them, wrapped within my joyous relationship with their many elemental siblings, they rose as consciousness towards me, covering me with an effervescent energy not unlike that of many puppies lathering me with their kisses!

Blissfully peaceful from this sweet interaction, I left “late” for work, only to arrive early! I’d forgotten we were opening at half past the hour that day. . .


  1. Sure have missed you. Hope all is well. I have always admired frost on a winter morning when getting in my car, like you, to warm it up and the sun hits the different prisms in the frost and makes it sparkle. However, I had not thought of it as faeries. Now that I know this, I will try to speak to them the next time that I have the chance. The water elements are and always have been my favorite. Thanks for opening my eyes and soul to more ways to interact with all of their forms.

    • Hi Kathy!
      Thought I would clear up some confusion I caused within the Frost Faeries blog. While it’s true that frost is a living, conscious being, frost–in and of itself–is not “faeries.” Rather, the Element of Water that created it is from that kingdom. The Water Element and all of the faery beings that work with Her help create and hold (and then disintegrate, when instructed to do so) the patterns of many manifestations of water: clouds of all kinds, rain, fog, snow, frost, tears. As an example, you have a human physical form, and are conscious, but you are also not a faery–instead a human. However, just like frost, there are a multitude of faery and elemental beings from all the Element Kingdoms: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. . . that help form and change your physical structure throughout it’s life in accordance with information from your Soul’s devas. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions!

      • Thank you for this clarification about frost as the winter months are upon us. I wanted to tell you of my incident with a large white moth yesterday. I was cleaning leaves out of the chairs on the deck. As I was picking up the leaves, she climbed up on one of the railings on the back of the chair.. She forcefully fluttered her wings at me to let me know to stay away from her. She did this two or three times looking directly at me. I think she was angry that I was taking away her dark, warm, quiet home. After she had “told” me of her dismay, she flew away. I was sorry that I disturbed her nap and took away her place of refuge. On another note, I visited my place of peace yesterday…the ocean. She was as beautiful and constant as ever. So thankful for all of the elements, but Water calls to me the strongest.

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