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2016 Calendar

florinef usa On-Going:

dating angers Weeknight Conference Call Classes–these 2 hour, 4 week-long evening classes will greatly enhance your relationship with Nature Consciousness as well as deepen/ignite your abilities to feel/hear/see/and ‘know.’ E-mail to be added to a waiting list, specifying topics of interest and evening(s) available. “Propose a Class” Conference Call Classes–Have a group of like-minded friends around the country? Creeksong does private conference call classes for the group and topic that you put together. E-mail specifying topics of interest, and for further information.



Special Events:

bon site de rencontre gratuit June 24 – 27 rencontre hd Fairy & Human Relations Congress, Skalitude Retreat, Twisp, WA

mature dating for over 50s singles Weekend Workshops w/Creeksong:

Nature Intelligence Teaches: Past Life Regression

Go into instant trance as Nature Intelligence joins our workshop to direct the course of events throughout. Creeksong will begin by sharing past life incidents from both clients and herself as well as explain this unique and powerful style of regression therapy. Following this, Nature Intelligence will help her select volunteers from the audience to receive regressions, with audience members called upon to offer any assisting insights they may receive. Regressions done within a large group consistently work with common karmic themes affecting the rest of the audience as well, so be prepared for a very potent experience!


Awakening to Direct Experience with the Fairy Realms

Jacqueline Freeman and Creeksong discuss their experience of opening up to communications from across the veil. After being approached by The Lady of the Ocean, Creeksong was trained to see/hear/feel many aspects of Nature Intelligence, including countless members of the Faery and Elemental Kingdoms, as well as how to awaken others to this direct experience.  Jacqueline speaks with bees, nature spirits, the fae, animals, has medical intuitions, and brings forth larger literature transmissions from the muses of books, plays and poetry. The two of them have much in common and yet work differently. Listen as they explore the processes that guide them and how they work with the information that comes through them. This session will conclude with an invitation to Nature Intelligence to speak through the class participants. Jacqueline & Creeksong will collect and organize the information and present it to the Congress.

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